Welcome to the Red Special Workshop

Hello and welcome the Red Special Workshop.

I decided in around March this year (2008) to build my own version of the now legendary Red Special guitar owned and played by Brian May. Making the decision was easy, getting it done is proving a little more difficult. My first thought was where do I begin? After mulling this over for a month or so I decided I would start with my Workshop, I had to have more space so I needed to extend it.

I drew up some plans for the extension, bought the materials and set to work, by the end of May I was ready to go and with the help of friends finished the job by about mid June. With the extension complete I set about my Red Special Project in earnest.

I began with research, there are no available blue prints for the guitar so the hunt was on for a drawing I could use. Within days of beginning my search I managed to locate a set of drawings on eBay. The drawings looked good and the seller promised they were to scale, when they arrived I discovered this was not necessarily correct. I consoled myself with the fact I had a basic drawing I could work from and set about making my own. Most of the sizes were guesswork and after five attempts I ended up with a drawing I could use.

Making the drawing was a little on the tricky side, however, since I had a set of drawing that gave the basic shape and location of the different aspects of the guitar I was able to produce a reasonably accurate image. The body of the guitar is made from 2 materials, The main sections of the body were constructed from 18mm blockboard and there are 2 separate inserts made from oak. The latter form an anchor for the neck  which is constructed from mahogany.

Continuing with the research, I collected as many pictures of the Red Special I could as well as some of the copies made by Burns Guitars of London and other people who had successfully made thier own copies of the Red Special. I found contacting those who had web sites dedicated to thier work was very useful and I recieved some excellent advice  as well as some of the pitfalls they encountered during thier projects.




The Red Specialists

Given the obvious levels of interest in attempting to re-create the look and sound of the now Legendary Red Special Guitar designed and built by Brian and Harold may, I have created the Red Specialists page for those of you who want to share your adventures. To be a Red Specialist you must have either built or in the process of building a Red Special guitar. Check out The Red Specialists for more detail.

See you soon


The end

Well readers, I am at the end of my adventure and thank you all for following my adventure. Please check out Completing the tremolo, completing the controls panel and the end. If I have missed anhything, just give ma a shout and I will try to produce some ictures and text.

Thank you

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